Karen believes that all Americans should have access to clean air, water, and open space they can enjoy with their friends and family.

Karen is concerned about the Trump administration rolling back Obama-era environmental protections. She is especially concerned about the impact of fracking in Los Angeles, and she introduced legislation that would have barred the use of federal funds at the Inglewood Oil Field as a response to concerns from area constituents about the environmental, health and seismic impacts of fracking there.

Karen has stood up against Republican attempts to defund the Environmental Protection Agency and dismantle the Clean Air and Clean Water Act, and she is working to increase America’s investment in clean energy that will generate clean energy jobs and improve the world around us. She has also opposed the Trump Administration’s plan to open up new oil drilling off the coast of California.

Karen is concerned about climate change and what rising temperatures and sea-levels will mean to Los Angeles and the nation. Los Angeles’ coastline and California’s climate are key to our city’s thriving economy, and rising temperatures will detrimentally impact our quality of life.

Karen is also working to help abate noise pollution, particularly from planes leaving LAX and flying over the 37th District. She believes that increasing airline efficiency must not and cannot require the sacrifice of health and well-being of those on the ground, which is why she became a member of the Congressional Caucus for Quiet Skies. In 2018, Karen successfully worked with concerned residents in Los Angeles and her colleagues to pass a law out of the House of Representatives that would seek to overhaul the inaccurate way that FAA accounts for noise impacts, recognize that noise during the night has even more health effects than noise during the day, and increase the priority that the FAA gives to effects on the ground when changing flight paths. Karen is encouraged by these advancements but continues to fight for the reduction of airplane noise.