Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President, Karen has been fearless in calling out his racist, divisive, and damaging policies in addition to his abhorrent behavior.

In the first year of Trump’s presidency, she and other leaders from the Congressional Black Caucus pushed the administration to address inequality and provide more resources to underserved communities. They presented Trump with a 130-page policy document with solutions for advancing Black families in the 21st Century.

She has also defended Americans against the Trump Administration’s attempts to roll back Obama-era protections for consumers, workers, the environment, and more. During a Congressional hearing (can we reference official business?) with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, she publicly called for him to repeal an outdated memo to law enforcement officials that endangered Black activists.

Right after Trump took office, Karen launched the Sea Change Leadership PAC, which is working to help flip the House of Representatives in 2018 by supporting the resistance movement and progressive candidates for office, and by training and mobilizing volunteers to educate and engage voters. The group has hosted protests, town hall meetings, canvassing days and voter education and registration drives.