As a former Physician Assistant, Karen saw firsthand how people in Los Angeles and across the country struggled to secure basic health care. High costs kept them from pursuing the care they needed and treatable conditions like hypertension and diabetes became much worse because they were not treated early, which is why Karen supports Medicare for All legislation in Congress.

It is because of her experience that Karen has been such a strident advocate for healthcare coverage for all Americans. In Congress, Karen fought to protect the Affordable Care Act because it has provided health insurance to over 46,000 of her constituents who did not have health coverage before the law, and has cut the number of uninsured Californians in her Congressional district in half. That is one of the reasons why she has voted more than 50 times against Republican attempts to repeal or undermine the law. She also introduced the Helping Americans Seek Treatment Act, which will improve support services to people suffering from drug addiction and their families.

In California, Karen is making it a top priority to make sure that Angelenos are taking advantage of health care programs available to them. She has worked to provide funds to Los Angeles’ community clinics to hire and train outreach and enrollment workers to help Angelenos sign up for the new health care programs, and she continues to host healthcare resource fairs to connect residents to healthcare providers.