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A thank you

I am so appreciative of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s courage and candor today. Her heartbreaking testimony about remembering the laughter of her assailants, her clarity around the details of that day, and her thoroughness in explaining how her assault changed her were compelling. 

However, like too many survivors of sexual assault, her story was not always met with the compassion and serious consideration it deserved. The GOP committee members did not attempt to question Dr. Ford themselves. And instead of asking Brett Kavanaugh about Dr. Ford’s allegations, they obsessed over the timeline of when the accusations were made public and refused to call for an FBI investigation into the matter. 

Even without a law enforcement-led investigation, Dr. Ford’s testimony revealed an important truth about Brett Kavanaugh: he’s not fit to serve on the Supreme Court. He was out of control today. Combative. Loud. Paranoid. Trumpian. 

Rather than reaching out and asking you to sign a petition today encouraging the Senate to vote no on Kavanaugh or for the FBI to launch an investigation, I want us to focus on Dr. Ford. It’s important for her to know that no matter what happens as the nomination process continues, her voice made a difference today. 

If you’d like to say thank you or even write her a short note, we’ve created a space for you to do so here. We’ll make sure that her team gets your message. 

And finally, I know that today was difficult for a lot of people for deeply personal reasons. If it was hard for you, know this: I believe you. You, too, are courageous. And I’m with you. 

In solidarity,