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Miller Must Go

We’ve known since the start of his campaign that Donald Trump has a problem with immigrants — from some countries. For years, he’s gotten his base fired up with talk about border walls and horrific descriptions of undocumented immigrants. But now — predictably — he’s set his sights on legal immigration as well.

NBC News has reported that the Trump administration is drafting a proposal that would block documented immigrants from becoming citizens — if they’ve ever used a government-funded service like the Affordable Care Act, children’s health insurance, the Earned Income Tax Credit, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Services that are available to all taxpayers — including immigrants.

The architect behind this plan is none other than Stephen Miller, the mastermind behind the zero tolerance policy that separated families seeking amnesty at the border and the Muslim travel ban.

We’ve had enough of Stephen Miller. Since the beginning of his tenure in the Trump Administration, he’s displayed poor judgment, proposed disastrous policies that violate human rights, and attempted to usher in an extreme-right era in the White House that does not represent the majority of American opinion. It’s time for him to go.

Not only do Miller’s proposals show an extreme lack of good judgment, they’re actually dangerous. Families that were separated at the border still haven’t been reunited. And experts fear this latest move will prevent parents from seeking healthcare and food assistance for their children out of fear that it will ruin their chances to obtain a green card.

Most people in this country don’t want families to be separated. They want pathways to citizenship for immigrants. They want children to be well-cared for. Stephen Miller doesn’t represent our views. He’s there to manipulate an inept president and move a far-right agenda into the mainstream. We can’t have that. I hope that you join me in calling for him to be fired.