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Stop Attacks on Our Healthcare

The Trump Administration’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act — and those covered by healthcare — continue. They recently put in place a new rule that will allow insurance companies to offer “limited duration” coverage.

These short-term plans won’t have to cover pre-existing conditions, prescription drugs, or maternity care. It’s insurance for people who plan to never get sick, never have an accident, or never need to get a prescription filled. Do you know anyone who can say that?

These junk plans may be cheaper for some individuals, but if they lure people away from the ACA marketplace, they will make healthcare coverage more expensive for everyone else.

Tell the administration that we want affordable, comprehensive healthcare for everyone. Add your name and demand that they stop trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

Since the passage of the ACA, 46,000 people in our district have gone from being uninsured to having coverage. We all know that the ACA isn’t perfect. But sabotaging it at every turn won’t fix it and literally puts lives at risk. Patient advocates fear that selling these insurance plans could lead to patients not getting treatment if they become sick and doesn’t go far enough to protect consumers.