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We Cannot Go Back

I’m deeply concerned about a new move by the Trump administration to roll back environmental protections and block California from adopting the vehicle fuel-efficiency standards our state needs to continue to protect our air and the health of our residents.

This is being called one of the biggest regulatory rollbacks of Trump’s presidency, and it has the very real possibility of bringing us back to Smog Alert Days — remember those?

As a former physician assistant, I know that air pollution caused by vehicle emissions leads to asthma and heart disease. And as a life-long resident in our community, I remember the days when a blanket of smog made downtown Los Angeles barely visible and it hurt to breathe. We cannot go back.

California developed stricter guidelines on emissions for a reason. This administration shouldn’t be able to block that and disrupt the productivity of the automobile industry. And saving our planet and improving the economy is a false choice. We can fight to protect our environment and our air, and invest in high-paying, sustainable jobs.

I’m not going to stop fighting these changes and standing up for our environment and public health. I hope I can count on you to stand with me.